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This mistake was repeated in later studies, and eventually the mummy was determined to be about 4,000 years older than it actually was.“I was surprised by the findings because in previous publications I brought attention to the tattooed Chinchorro mummy and its early date,” research associate Lars Krutak told Smithsonian Science News.“To me this mummy was like an underdog versus the all-too-popular Iceman that everyone was writing and talking about," he continued.Nor did she suspect that her faith in human nature was a dangerous fantasy.She would learn other terrible lessons along the way too — the kinds of things most of us don't like to think about.On the third try, the killer found a soft spot in the left side of her throat and plunged the blade full to its hilt.The attacker then pulled the weapon from left to right several times in a sawing motion, then up and back, leaving a gash more than three inches long and three inches deep.He struck her as "an Italian Harry Potter." After Kercher departed at intermission, Sollecito tentatively approached the American girl."She seemed to be searching for something in my eyes," Sollecito would tell his father.

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When that failed, the killer removed the comforter from Kercher's bed and, in a perverse gesture of compassion, laid it over the corpse.

Investigators would wonder whether the person had even seen a dead body before.

Finally, the killer ran out through the front door, leaving a trail of bloody shoe prints.

"I'd never use 'sexy' to describe her." Her beauty is no longer a mystery to her, however, now that she's received hundreds of letters from male admirers all over the world.

Knox also didn't realize that she would be judged by her behavior, her looks and her nationality.

The oldest known tattoos belong to "Ötzi the Iceman," a 5,300-year-old mummy a pair of German hikers discovered in a glacier along the Austrian-Italian border in 1991, according to a paper slated to publish in the February 2016 edition of the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports Scholars have for years debated whether Ötzi was actually the oldest tattooed human, according to Smithsonian Science News, because scientists identified a tattoo of a pencil-thin mustache on a South American mummy from the Chinchurro region that they initially dated back to about 4000 B. While researchers were examining the Chinchorro mummy’s radiocarbon dating, they uncovered the root of the mistake.